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What Our Patients Say back

“We are so fortunate to have Burton Prosthetics here in Omaha. Our son Joey was born without most of his right leg. Burton has been able to fit and maintain his leg despite the abuse Joey puts it through. He is able to have a remarkable level of functionality. Our only problem is trying to slow him down. Their services have been exceptional, even in rush situations. We are always able to get in contact with them even after hours in an emergency. Tadd Meyer is always willing to listen and work until he has the leg working perfect. Tadd, Russ, Jan, and all the staff treat our son like he's family. Thank you Burtons!”
- Joe and Jackie


“Nov 30, 2003 would be a day that would change my life forever but would also put me in touch with a group of people that care about what they do and the people they are helping (everyone at Burtons). I was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in the amputation of my right leg BK. Tony has been with me through it all. He visited me in the hospital, providing words of encouragement and listening to me with every painful detail and problem that I had when fitting my first prosthetic. I would recommend anyone dealing with a prosthetic see the folks at Burtons. Russ and Jan, Tony (my provider), and everyone else that I have dealt with over the years have always showed me that people do care and take the time to understand and listen. Thank you to all my friends at Burton, you have truly put a positive spin on a negative experience.”
- Penny Frith


“I love the people at Burton Prosthetics because they are very helpful. I have been to a few other prosthetic companies in Omaha, and the results are not consistently as good. Burton’s attention to detail and workmanship is second to none. Jeremy is one of many specialists at Burton who understands my needs. Also the office staff is great because they are friendly and they care about me. I highly recommend Burton Prosthetics to anyone.”
- Marvin Petersen


“As the daughters of a 73-year old, it was difficult to imagine what our mom’s future was going to be like after her below-the-knee amputation. Our mom has always been an active go-getter who rarely sat idle. We had just witnessed her rebound from a bout of cancer when the issue arose resulting in her amputation. Starting the day of her surgery, Paul Monestero with Burton Prosthetics entered our lives. He navigated us through the process of prosthetic enhancement, and five weeks and one day after her surgery, our mom was fitted with her first bionic foot. Paul stayed after normal hours to ensure mom’s comfort and confidence without rushing her as she took her first steps in weeks.

He has made multiple trips to mom’s house (a 140 mile round trip affair) in order to service her needs personally and conveniently and to alleviate any fears or reservations she had about getting back on her feet. Paul made sure that we all knew we could contact Burton any time. And he provided that gentle nudge of assurance that things were going to once again get back to normal.

The service provided by Paul and Burton Prosthetics has been unbelievable. At a time when life got very shaky for our mom, they came in and efficiently and effectively got her back on her feet. They joke about how they “don’t make miracles, they make plastic parts.” We believe that they give their clients their lives back!
- The daughters of Eleanor Hoover